Box Office
2017/18 Season

"Calendar Girls"
by Tim Firth
Directed by Patsy McCleery
Evenings:September 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, 2017
Matinee: September 24, 2017
Evening Curtain: 8 PM, Matinee Curtain: 2 PM

When middle-aged women need to raise money for a good cause, what do they do? Make more homemade jam, crochet tea cosies, or host yet another bake sale? No, with prompting from the rebel of the group, they become ‘Calendar Girls’. Based on a true story, the play follows the
trials and tribulations faced by these feisty ladies as their alternative fund-raiser becomes a
media sensation. For every Calendar Girl the fame and recognition takes its toll in different ways,
and the true measure of friendship is put to the test as the members of
Knapley WI struggle with their famous or infamous reputations.
Cast & Crew

"Bob's Your Elf"
by Norm Foster
Directed by Jude Winterbottom
Evenings: November 24, 25, December 1, 2, 8 and 9, 2017
Matinee: December 3, 2017
Evening Curtain: 8 PM, Matinee Curtain: 2 PM

An elf named Bob is banished from the North Pole to learn a lesson about co-operation.
Because of his bad attitude, Santa sends him to a small town to help with a Christmas Pageant. Here Bob is faced with bumbling amateur actors who are doing their best to put on the best darn
Christmas show their town has ever seen. Hilarious comedy to put everyone in the holiday spirit.
Cast & Crew

"Becky's New Car"
by Steven Dietz
Directed by David MacMillan
Evenings: January 26, 27, February 2, 3, 9 and 10, 2018
Matinee: February 4, 2018
Evening Curtain: 8 PM, Matinee Curtain: 2 PM

A fork in the road often appears when you least expect it, and in the most unlikely way. When this happens to Becky, she finds that despite what she thinks is the obvious choice, it becomes clear that it’s not nearly so apparent. She suddenly has thoughts she never believed she could have, and maybe even the ability to act on them. Does this fork in the road become a turning point in the life of this middle-aged, happily married average woman? ‘Becky’s New Car’ is a play
about options and their repercussions, choices that can lead to the point of no return.
Funny, heart-warming and thoughtful, you will leave the theatre with
your own thoughts and the choices you would make, given the chance
Cast & Crew

"Skin Flick"
by Norm Foster
Directed by George Fowlie
Evenings: April 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28, 2018
Matinee: April 22, 2018
Evening Curtain: 8 PM, Matinee Curtain: 2 PM

When a middle-aged couple try to produce an adult film to earn extra money, they soon find themselves very much out of their element. A tender, loveable comedy about four innocent people caught in the headlights trying to do something for which they’re ill equipped. Foster tells the story by way of Robbie, a charming narrator, who resorts to asides to the audience and even to the playwright himself. Robbie’s narration and the characters’ shock and discomfort add up to pure fun! ‘Skin Flick’ is a story that’s naughty and affectionate all at once.
Cast & Crew

formerly Galt Little Theatre